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Originally Posted by BigDreama
I’m 18 .19 in May

So am I. I’m glad that I’ve found out about PE early.

I’m 58 going on 35. I’ve lived a good life and still having a good time.

In the 60s it was Flower Power, free love, and Pot. Good years.

In the 70s it was Harley-Davidson, Bike club and women.More good years.

In the 80s,90s, till now I’ve raised a bunch of kids. 7 all together, 5 still alive.

9 grand kids,3 that I’m raising and this has been the best years of my life..

So your never to old, and yes PE dose work even on us old farts



Does it keep growing? I’m 18 too!
That thing about giving a nut for being 18 too.. They say you really appreciate something when it’s gone, cause I’m not enjoying highschool at all .. Hope I’ll (not ->ill) be happier later in my life ! =) (You’ll miss your nut when it’s gone too)

Every age has it’s beauty (sounds like women magazine, but it’s true!), just enjoy, don’t rush, years are getting shorter but lifes still great, have fun.. And if you didnt fulfil your dreams.. Don’t be depressed about it, try next life youll do better.

Originally Posted by KOG
I strongly disagree. Eighteen is the age at which options are numerous, and we even have a little time to screw around a little before we get serious. Twenty-three is a nice age because we’re young, should have a little life experience under our belt to help us be a better man in the coming decades. Twenty-five is when your body begins to tell you you’re not so young anymore, and you come to the realization that you’re about 1/3 of the way through your life. Time becomes an issue, and the realization of your life-goals suddenly seem to be a greater burden than they we’re previously. In short, twenty-five is the age at which a mature adult realizes that it’s time to start being a mature adult. There are those who still act like they’re eighteen or twenty, but in general, I think most of us are faced with a level of maturation and sense of fleeting time—death knocks—than was known previously.

I don’t know yet, but I strongly suspect these realizations I mentioned coming at twenty-five increase exponentially after the age of twenty-five.

I think 30-32 is the best age because your not too old for younger chicks and not too young for older chicks.

God I wish I was 30 again.

Originally Posted by avocet8

You are still young, but old enough to be taken seriously. Everything (usually) still works. You have by then some sense of centeredness but are still naive enough to grow. For decades I have chosen to be 35, in my head.

What a great way of looking at things.

Very introspective of you.

I’ll remember that one.

In my mind I’m 35.

That could be a song.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.


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