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44 here. But been married for 14 years. Me and a friend figured that a man ages 1.7 years for each year he’s married. So, got married at the age of 30, been married 14 years. Here’s the calculation for you math types: 30 + (14*1.7) = 53.8.

37 here and still tryin to grow!

Twenty-five going on thirty-seven.

I’d give almost anything to go back to my 18th birthday and start from there.

"Only enemies speak the truth; friends and lovers lie endlessly, caught in the web of duty". -Roland, in Stephen King's The Last Gunslinger

35yrs. Thing is, when you’re 18 a year is a long time. As time begins to run faster I figure I must be near the top of the bell curve and pretty soon I’ll start getting younger again. Nanoo Nanoo.

24 years old here.

Started 14-Feb-05 BPFL = 4" BPEL = 6.5" EG = 4 1/2"

32 here; never thought I would ever make it this long when I was 18.

A stretch in time grows it to nine!!!

16 here



I’m 20 so don’t worry about being 18, honestly, I wish I knew about PE when I was 18, I’m grateful that I know it now. Good luck with the gains.

All you young guys wishing you had known about this stuff when you we’re even younger, how do you think the older men feel- hell, I wish I had known about this stuff when I was 30, never mind 20 or younger.

Oh- 42 next month.

I’m 19 and started basic jelqing and stretching when I was 17. I don’t remember where I got the information but I know I was doing it back then.

45, but a few times a day I think about how I can’t believe I’m this old. I feel…maybe 35. I still get carded sometimes when I buy beer or go into clubs. Seattle weather helps. The rain makes going outside like walking through a big glop of moisturizer 250 days a year.

I’m 57. Still healthy, working 65 hours a week, love fast cars and sensitive women who like to be spoiled rotten. Like to PE at a senior citizens pace in hopes of keeping the old “Hotrod” performing much like you youngsters.

What a trip it is when an old gray haired buck like me can make a young attractive women feel like she’s never, ever felt before.

Youth is of course precious, time goes by faster than we ever plan, aging can’t be stopped. Treat each other with respect so when you reach my age and look back you have fond memories and few regrets. Sure, having a “dick that does the trick” is important, but there’s lots more to life. Enjoy yourselves, remain as happy as possible, deal with your disapointments in an honorable manner, have lots of fun and never PE with a full erection.

32 yrs old, joined in July 04, I’ve been with the same woman since october 02.

I’m 18, 19 at the end of April

39 but could easily pass for 38 1/2.


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