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Mega-trac or Vaccu-trac

Mega-trac or Vaccu-trac

I bought a mega-trac somewhere around three years ago. I used it for a while but got tired of the confusing application of trying to put it on so it went into storage. I finally made it storage and found it, so I pulled it out and have been trying to use it. I bought it mainly for foreskin restoration back in the day but tried to use it for all three of its purposes. My question is, is there anyone here who is familiar with it and how it works? I need some instructions on putting the sheaves on correctly and correctly applying it. It came with instructions but they were not very good instructions. I need a video of how to apply it or someone who had done it many times to tell me the tricks!

First off, welcome to TP. How long have you been PEing?

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Routine, Pics

A little more info can be found here.
Also check the manufacturer web page. They may have a video.

I do however feel I should point you in the direction of the magical blue letters you see below.

Important Newbie Theads/Info

Why not start the newbie routine?

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Hi guys! I have not been into it very long. Tinkered around with it about three years ago and just recently started back about three weeks ago.

Thanks KenObie, I will check into your links.

I would start with manual PE and the newbie routine. Sometimes kit can get in the way of gains.

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OK so I did my first jelqing session tonight and I have some pin sized red dots and two small what look like bruises. My guess is to much pressure?

Yes, to much pressure. Make sure to warm up. Start slow, let everything relax and then build up intensity.

Do to my posting/typing ability, which is something akin to a retarded lab monkey with a slightly dislexic/epileptic phone. I will refer you to this link for more ifno.

MrB8 - Jelqing Hang

" It is always easier to fight for one's principles than live up to them ". ..Adler.

Ok so last night was my third night at jelqing. First night I saw a little swelling but none the second or third night. This also happened when I got out my mega trac out and started using it again.. First couple times using it I would swell up for a little while and be nice and plump, but that’s not really happening any more.

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