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MedLow exit but VERY tight ligs and skin PIC

MedLow exit but VERY tight ligs and skin PIC…e-skin-ligs.jpg

I havent heard of anyone with a similar issue so I took a pic to show what I’m talking about. I am unable to measure from the top during a BPEL or BPFSL because of the excessively tight skin and ligs. I have a confirmed (by bib) med/low exit and about a 7:30ish LOT. From what I’ve seen people don’t tend to have tight ligs with these results. I have a high erection angle in which the base at high EQ is VERY tight. I can barely bend it down. The pic above shows what I’m talking about. I’m pulling in a flaccid state. Thoughts?


Start/Current: BPFSL - 8"/9", BPEL - 7.5"/8.25", NBPEL - 7"/7.75", MSEG - 5.5"/6"

All time goal: 9.5"x6.5"

I’m new here on the forums, but not new to stretching. So what is your question, really? If you have tight ligs, then you have tight ligs.

I am also a medium-low exit point (confirmed by Mr. Bib) with a lot of about 7:00. When erect, I can point upwards, but not nearly as much as before I started hanging. BTC and SD hanging has definitely helped in penis flexibility.

Just am seeing if anyone had has a similar structure as I do. I feel that from what I’ve seen people with tight ligs have high exit points and I seem to have one thats on the fairly low side. Curious as to if that means anything.

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