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Meauring different ways

Meauring different ways

When I meausure laying down with my dick going up in the air I measure .25 lower than when I stand up with my doing going out horizontally. Is one way more correct? It’s encouraging and discouraging at the same time, heh.

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There’s no international organization that sanctions these things, but I would say the standard position for measurement is standing up, with your penis aligned perpendickular to your body.

It’s most important to just be consistent to yourself. Settle on a way of measuring, and do it that exact same way every time.

I also get a little confused with the forms of measurements. One could easy tweak a 1/4 or 1/2 if your not consistent. I read that from the pubic bone and along the top of the penis.

Is there any actual photos in this forum that actually shows the “correct” method

Thanks westla90069,

Fair bit has been posted about it and I won’t forget the search button from here on

That wasn’t necessarily directed at you robbie7, but we get a fair amount of new guys who ask first and search later. The standard answer for the “how do I measure” question is: Whatever way you do it, do it the same each time. It doesn’t matter if you lie down, sit or stand and there is no correct way or recommended. Everyone has an opinion on this. Just pick a comfortable way to measure and do it the same way each time.

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