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I guess its been discussed before but anyway here are my questions:

1) Does straight penis exists? I mean penis without any curve upward etc.

2) When you have an upward curve how do you measure your size?

I am 6,4” EL (not BPEL) when measuring from base of penis to the top. When measuring with a flexible measuring tape which is possible to measure also the curve my length is 7” to 7,12” EL. Which is the correct measurement?

Weird thing is that although the 6,4” length seems to be stable and never noticed any changes my “curve” measurements seem to increase month by month.

Which measurement is accurate? I have asked a similar question in the past but never received a clear reply.

Thank you all

1.) Probably. Dicks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so there must be a completely straight one out there somewhere.

2.) Straighten it out and measure it with a ruler.

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Yes a person can have a completely straight penis. Call me lucky or unlucky but that is what I have.

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The curve is the devil when it comes to measuring. It’s pretty useful in bed though :)

1) Yes they does. {grammar check!}
2) With a ruler.

But seriously: I have a decent upward curve, but I since I can’t straighten it for sex I don’t straighten it when measuring. The *actual* length isn’t all that important, just be consistent in your measuring technique so you can see and document your progress.

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Measure from side of penis at base, don’t press into balls thats faking it. Curve makes no difference

Most measure on top of the penis rather than below/side. I don’t think that measuring beneath/side is repeatably consistent so I’d avoid this form of measuring. The idea is to use the pubic bone located above the base of the penis as a “wall” to place the ruler for more consistency.

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