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I was just wondering why there is a preference for bone pressing when measuring. I would have thought non bone pressing would be better due to the fact that this is what the ladies receives so to speak. Is the preference for bone pressing due to the fact that it’s a constant there whereas the fat pad can change so it is easier to get skewed results when it comes to measurement.


I have a curvature slightly to the right, and when I measure with a ruler on the right side it is about 6.5” but when I measure on the left it seems closer to 7”, so my question is what should I go along with as my beginning stat so to speak??

One other thing how does one measure girth, at the moment I’m using a measuring tape is that the right way??

Thanks very much

Bone pressing makes you feel bigger, on a guy with 0.5 fat pat for instance it feels better to be 6” BP than 5.5” NBP.

Push your penis straight and measure.

Using a measuring tape is fine.

Originally Posted by Bird2

Bone pressing makes you feel bigger…

Well, yes, it does, but that’s not the reason it’s the recommended way of measuring. It’s recommended, as jelqbeginner said, for consistency. The bone won’t move and the fat is compressed, so any difference in the measurements over time must be from the dick getting bigger.

I’d use the longest of measurements, that’s what you have to work with and what the size queens will feel inside them when you are stroking away ? If you were to straighten it out, true you lose that 1/2” in penetration, but then whatever curvature that is there, how would you consider it in terms of girth computation ? Certainly it’s gotta feel wider, even have the effect of cavitating the vagina in some cases as it’s plunged in and out ?

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