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Hey guys, I’m a newbie and I must say what a great site! Men need things like this where they can talk about their shortcomings and how to overcome them. I’m just starting this and I was looking for a link on how to measure your unit. I have been reading the posts and want to know what the acronyms stand for and stuff like that. IE: BPEL (etc.)

I haven’t measured my dick since like grade school but looking at a ruler I’m probably 6.5 to 7 inches, no chick has ever said it was small I just want my shit bigger for my own personal reasons

Go to the Members Pics Forum for some good examples of how to measure. The abbreviations can be found in the PE Glossary.

And welcome to Thunder’s.


Thanks I will go there on the double!

Originally Posted by kjaye21
I just want my shit bigger for my own personal reasons

Those are usually the best ones.

The best measuring method I have found thus far is to lay on your side in your driveway with your dong all chubbied up and acting as a kick-stand.
At this point have your wife or GF back the car down the driveway and directly over your dong. This should leave some type of imprint in/on your unit that resembles the tread on the tire. Now that you have this imprint, simply meassure the distance between patterns. Most tire manufacturers allow 1 1/2” pattern on their tires. The rest is simple math. This is the norm unless you are using Mud and snow tires. If this is the case, see your manual for exact measurements.

I have found this to be the best way to measure and also to get those stretches and ULIs off to a good start for your newbies………

Hope this helps.


Tell him you’re joking. Remember the Ramrod/Tic Tac incident?

No, I don’t remember that.



I’m sure Roddy really appreciates you bringing that up again, XL. :mutley:


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