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Measuring wwo a kegel my first blood vessel

Measuring wwo a kegel my first blood vessel

I posted this as a reply to one of my previous posts but thought it should actually be a new post. Sorry for confusion.
Just an update, more for myself I guess. I’m having a hard time believing my own measurements, I keep thinking that the gains are a difference in the state of erectness that causes the difference. Also if I kegel it expands the head and makes it an even longer measurement. I guess I should just be consistent when measuring but any advice on whether or not to do the kegel to fully expand or not? I’m sure some of this is the way I measured but I know I’m gaining and am happy with Newby Program.


Today I was coming off of three days off (not my choice)
For first time I noticed a few broken blood vessels (I guess) about the size of an eraser during PE. They are in almost exact same place on left and right sides about mid-shaft. I also found one small red spot that I think is same thing. Is it that I am creating that much forward pressure or is it too hard of a squeeze that you think causes this?

I am currently on 12/05/06: (measured after PE)
NBP Non EL = 3 9/16
BP Non EL = 4 9/16
NBP EL = 5 3/4
BP EL = 6 1/4
Non EG = 4 1/2
EG = 5 7/16

On 11/26/06 was: (measured after PE)
NBP Non EL = 3 1/2
BP Non EL = 4 1/2
NBP EL = 5 1/2
BP EL = 6 1/8
Non EG = 4 1/2
EG = 5 1/8

Started here on approx 11/05/06:
I think (can’t be sure of these) I started out at a whopping:
NBP Non EL = 3
BP Non EL = 4
NBP EL = 5
BP EL = 5 1/2
Non EG = 4 1/4
EG = 4 3/4

Doesn’t matter if you want to kegel or not. As long as you kegel before you measure every time. Consistency is key. You can measure standing, sitting, upside down it doesn’t matter as long as you do it the same way every time.

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Ok, thanks Big Z. When is the best time to do measurements?, right after PE, before, off days?

Length: NBP Non EL = 3 9/16 | BP Non EL = 4 9/16 | NBP EL = 5 3/4 | BP EL = 6 1/4 |
Girth: Non EG = 4 1/2 | EG = 5 7/16

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