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Measuring the Unit

Measuring the Unit

How do you folks measure your unit?

I have been having problems measuring it. Taking a photo is a NO NO. So I have to rely on manual measurement.

Well, I have noticed a few problems. I measure while standing. When my penis is say 90% erect, my BP is about 15.8cm from the base, and NBP is about 14.8cm. When 100%, my BP remains at 15.8cm, but NBP increases randomly to 15.1cm, and the base looks really tense. I can’t understand that.

If I take a BP measurement, say 1cm up from the base, my result is slightly larger.

Also when measuring BP, how hard do you shove it in? With my finger, I can press in maybe 1.2/1.3cm, and I suspect I do have a fairly thick fat pad (even thicker). With a ruler, once I have pressed it in maybe 1cm, it starts to kind of hurt. Is it meant to be the maximum or the point where it starts to hurt?

I know that it doesn’t really matter if you keep on measuring it in the same way. But I want to know how exactly to measure it to obtain the value which can be compared.


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