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Measuring The Fraud


Most of us are doing PE in order to get a bigger, more enjoyable dick. In my thinking it would be important to be consistent in the way we measure in order to show progress. If we are measuring our dick size to compete with one another then we may need to have a standardized method of measuring. Next we will need rules about when to measure, like 30 seconds before ejaculation when we are the largest. Finally when PE becomes a sport we can train umpires to monitor the competition. Okay so I went a little extreme in my thinking but it does seem to me that PE is about change in my member size. For those of us that are into competition, I can admit I am a bit competitive, we can use the BPEL method of measurement be within a fair range of consistency. For those that want to be more specific perhaps the graph paper idea above should be considered. Well just my 2 cents worth of thought on the subject.

We keep lobbying to get PE admitted as an Olympic sport (summer, of course; too much shrinkage in the winter), but we keep falling behind bowling and ballroom dancing in the votes.

It’s probably just as well anyway. The Russian judges are murder.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.


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