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Measuring the curve?


I am going to stick with the straight ruler to measure gains. What I meant was does anyone agree that measuring the curve with tape is more accurate to its actual length. If so, doesn’t that mean I am putting 6.5”NBP(tape) inside the vagina as opposed to 6.25”NBP(ruler). Also, I am using the ruler because that is what I have always done and I don’t want to switch it up at this point in my PE journey. I just think it would be cool to know I am filling her up just that little bit more.

Originally Posted by onelastthing15
what do you mean? like it points up instead of straight out when erect?

Yes, it points up, not out and I cannot push down on it when erect. If I try to push it parallel to the floor, it feels like it will explode! Very painful.


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