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Measuring Technique

Measuring Technique

Hi there, newbie here.. I have been doing a lot of reading on this site for a few days now, but I haven’t run across this yet, so I thought I’d ask. Please go easy on me if it’s already been dealt with.

When measuring, I am presently using a plastic ruler, but my dick has a fairly pronounced curve upwards, (it curves upwards back toward my belly). There’s no side to side problem, but I wanted to know how others measure their rods when this happens. If I bend my dick back so that it is straight, I can get a couple extra centimeters out of it.

So what’s the correct measurement technique? Do I just leave the dick alone and lay the ruler over it so that it’s only contacting the base and head? Or am I doing it right by pressing it up against the ruler (I also have to bend the ruler down a bit so that it’s touching all along the length)? I guess this would be almost the same as using a cloth measuring tape.


What he said, only with pictures:


And welcome to the forums Unleaded!

I dont think it really matters so much how you doit , as long as you do it the same every time. You are not measuring for bragging rights, you are measuring to track your gains. Just do it however you feel most comfortable or whatever will give you the most accurate measurement for yourself, then just do it the same every time.

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