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measuring question

measuring question

So I know alot of people talk about the difference between measuring from the side and sitting down. I think I only have about about 0.2 inch difference from the top to the side, is there anyone else like this?

side-7.87BP top-7.6-7.7 (probably 7.7)BP, I place the ruler on the side, I think this allows for the most accurate measurment, and I have seen other members that do it, but even without doing that I never really experience more than 0.2-0.25 inch difference. I hear some people lose an inch.

Also, when measuring girth, what causes the difference between tapes, thread, strings etc. Is it the actual circumfrence of the or width of the measuring device?

It is all to do with conformity.

Most people have a fat pad of sorts around their penis. Some like yourself are fairly slim, therefore, not much fat. So it is best to do it from a ‘standard measurement’ The measurement from the side can give varying results as the pelvic bone bends to the rear at the side so different measurements are possible.

If we take the measusrement from the top, then it doesnt vary by very much - If at all so, it is the ‘best’ standard available. And is a uniform way of measuring.

Regarding what to use for girth measurement., bearing in mind the measurement is circling around the penis small differences get enlarged as it goes around the girth. so a piece of string may well give a differenct measurement than a tape measure etc. Also, a piece of string is quite likely to expand on being pulled round the penis; whereas a tape meaure is fairly - if not completely stable for our purpose.

Also a piece of string will tend to dig in the flesh so giving the possibility of a reduced measurement. A tape measure with larger area can more easily be laid around the penis.

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so are you saying a string more often than not gives a reduced measurment compared to a tape measure? Also, I have a one inch fat pad, and I still get almost the same measurment directly from the side as the top, I suppose that’s just me.

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