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Measuring question

Measuring question

With my hardest erection:

If I push my erect penis down so it’s straight out in front of me,
And using a see through plastic ruler held right over the top, I press
It in against the bone - I’m almost exactly 6 inches - a bit over.

On some of the photos on this board, I see guys measuring by pushing
Rulers more to the side of the penis. If I do that I’m quite a bit over 6,
More like 6.5.

The thing is, nbp, which I figure is what’s actually going to penetrate
A girl, I’m more like 5.5 - or less

When I look at stats saying that 6.5 is average, can I really put myself
In that group?

I’ve always been convinced that I was below average - my flaccid size
Is tiny, I don’t like getting my cock out in public, I can’t believe that
My erect size is the norm.

Is this bone pressing business just the smaller guys way of not feeling
So bad? It’s not like I can actually get the full 6.5” inside a girl.

BP measure is a way of establishing a “set point” from which to measure- a way to take the fat pad or any other variables to measuring out of the way. The way you’re measuring- dead smack top center of the cock (the measure you pull 6” at) is the correct way to measure.

I’m feeling you on the “I can’t believe I’m actually average” bit. I’m exactly in your boat length wise (or at least I *was* when I started :-) and I’ve never felt “average”. The thing is, this Bone Pressed measure hasn’t been used in any of the previous “scientific” studies of pecker size. Therefore, since there hasn’t been a standardized way to measure, studies have thus far failed to come up with an “average” that we can rely on.

However, based on everything that I’ve ever seen on the subject, I’d say that you (and I) probably started very near to an “average” length. My starting cock on a smaller body would’ve looked pretty good- but with a small flaccid hang and being 6’2” 200#….well, let’s just say I never saw a chick agape and in awe of the thing.

I don’t know about you, but I *at least* want something *proportional to my body* and for me (from gauging by holding up dildos and the like) that’s going to be about 7.5 bone pressed.

And another thing, you’re probably going to start noticing a better flaccid hang almost immediately. My flaccid hang is now (after only a month) almost always 4” and much fatter. When my girl friends friend was over the other day I found myself almost hoping that my towel would fall down so she could spy my fluffed unit.

Do this shit man, it deffinitely works.

Thats true, my nbp length is 6” even, I mean depending on the sex your partner, she could actually recieve the full bp dick, if she likes it rough. But anyway, it’s a good place to start a measurement, and I am in the same boat as wantsmore, if I was smaller than my dick might actually look pretty large to some people, but since I am 6’4 200, I got to have something more proportional.

Start 11/23/05: BPEL- 6.5" EG- 5.7" Goal By 11/23/06 or earlier: BPEL- 7.5" EG- 6.5"

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