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Measuring Questing

Measuring Questing

Is there a standard way to measure the penis? I cannot find it now, even with a search, but I thought I remembered seeing a drawing on this site that showed measurement on the side. Then I just read where you measure on the top and then “Memento”, I think it was, made a comment about, “You can increase the size by pushing in the ruler or measuring on the side”. Is measuring on the side wrong? If so, my penis is worse off than I thought.

Thanks, Vermont-Beat

3/2/2008 16cm BPEL 11.2 cm EG (3 weeks into the newbie routine, may have grown slightly, but...)

3/16/2008 16.5 BPEL 11.2 cm EG

Goals: 17.8cm BPEL 12.7 cm EG

Yes, measuring on the side can give you more length. IMO, that is not the true way to measure, because if the ruler is pressed in, it sinks in a LOT. Try measuring the pad on TOP of where your penis is. :)

Measure by getting as close to 100% erection as you can, and then lying the ruler on the top of your penis so that the end is touching where your penis meets your fat pad. How far into your fat pad you want to press it is something you will have to keep constant once you start making measurements.

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