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Measuring Please Help

Measuring Please Help

Ok when I measure without the bone press it’s like 5.5 Erect and when I do bone press it’s like 6.5 how is this possible how am I suppose to know my real length without over doing it.

I’m the same - I loose .9 of an inch due to fat/flab/muscle n stuff. Loose some weight if you can - that gained me 1/4 of an inch with the non-bone press. Search the forum for tips on measuring, there have been some recent posts on this.

I’m about 25% body fat and I lose about half an inch to padding too. Unless you are in super athletic shape or naturally thin, you are probably going to see something like that.

It’s one of those things we have to do to try and get everyone to a common standard. Your fat pad is hiding part of your dick

It’s just so that we have a standard way of measuring. Also it means that if you can lose half an inch on your pad then you show a bit more dick

Like, if you’ve got it; why not flaunt it :D

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LoL imma twig I’m no where near fat, I’m weight only 170 I’m 5’10

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