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Measuring penis size

Measuring penis size

When you measure penis size, do you push the ruler as far into your bone as possible or just gently where the skin ends?

Newbie question! I got this one…

First off, do some searches, browse the newbie sections. This stuff is pretty basic. But I’ll be nice…

Basically you have just described two different styles of measuring.

Bone Pressed Erect Length (BPEL) is the length from the tip to the pubic bone by pressing in with the ruler. This is considered the most accurate style because it does not fluxuate as body fat may fluxuate.

Non-Bone Pressed Erect Length (NBPEL) is the length from the tip to the point where the shaft ends and the skin goes vertical. This is considered the amount of “useable” (presumably for sex) penis. Unlike BPEL, NBPEL will change a lot with body fat changes.

EG is erect girth
FL is flaccid length
FG is flaccid girth
I believe there is a list of abbreviations somewhere too.

Oct 2006: BPEL: 7.75" NBPEL: 7.00" EG: 5.125"

Goal: 17+ cubic inches of volume, someday, currently inactive

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