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Measuring girth and the thickness of your measuring device

Measuring girth and the thickness of your measuring device

Mr. T, I guess you can say that I am a Newbie, but I have jelqed before briefly last year. Currently I have been doing jelqs with about a 75% erection for about 45 minutes. I will occasionally do the n, s, e, and west stretches. I do the horse squeeze exercise too for about 5 minutes. I am gospel with the warm ups. The reason I jelq for 45 minutes is because I get fully erect quite often during the exercises. I do it to make up for the lost time.

I have been Jelqing since Feb. 14, 08. Anybody ever notice that it makes a difference in the thickness of the string you use to measure girth, nobody has ever mentioned this. You need to use a completely flat measuring device, like the flexible cloth tape measure. If you use a shoe lace to measure girth for example, your results will be bigger than what you are because the shoe lace is thicker than the flat flexible cloth ruler. I thought this might be good to bring up because my measurements on girth have been inaccurate till I started using the flat cloth tape measure.

Feb. 14, 08/ starting stats: BPEL ‘7, EG 5.3
Fl 4.50, fg 4.50

Current, BPEL 7.20, EG 5.4

I don’t know if the results are official yet, I have only been jelqing for 3 weeks, it could be swollen for all I know, will see what happens, I will try to stay positive.
It just looks and feels bigger and my erections are stronger, what can I say. If this truly works I am going to be a very happy man.

PS: Happy to finally be aboard.

I use a piece of paper to measure girth.


Just buy one of those cloth measuring tape from the local Walmart or the clothing store. It is very helpful.

Feb 10th, 2008 BPEL: 6 1/10 EW: 4 4/10

Short term goal: BPEL: 6 1/2 EW: 4 6/8

Long term goal: BPEL: 7.5 - 8.0 EW: 5.5

I believed they are called Tailor’s Tape, and it is indeed the way to go.

I am all for the tailor’s cloth measuring tape now, but in the past I never realized that it made a difference in the thickness of the material.
I can’t believe I lied to myself all these years with girth, I guess I always wanted to be thicker and I just lied to myself somehow subconsciously.
Has this ever happened to someone else, with the damn thickness of the material you used to measure your girth? It needs to be paper thin, I went to websites in the past that said to measure girth with a
String, even a string has a little more size than a flat cloth tape, unless you use a piece of sewing thread, but that’s kind of small. What does everybody think of this?

Feb. 14, 08 BPEL ‘7 - EG ‘5.3

Current BPEL ‘7.20 - EG ‘5.4

I think the Tailors tape is the way to go!


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