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Measuring error?

Measuring error?

I suppose this could have been a measuring error.
I decided that I would only measure monthly so as to keep an accurate account of any gains. Therefore I was supposed to measure on May 11th, but it was after midnight and I took the measurement after sex but I was still rock hard do to Cialis. I measured at 6.5” but and in comparison that was smaller than my previous measurement of 6.75 last month. However I decided to remeasure this evening prior to doing my PE routine and without sex nor any pharmaceutical present and once again I was right at 6.75.

I have had plenty of practice with measuring my unit and have always consistently measured from same angle and spot. I swear there is a permanent mark from where I have always measured from (joking). The only thing I have done different and that was since joining TP is bone press.

Question is could this be a difference in the fat pad from one day to the next or perhaps simply something that occurs after sexual activity? Or the obvious .. simply a measuring error?

Starting stats: 6.4" / 4.75" Current Stats: 7.5" / 5.25" Next Goal: 8.5" / 5.5" Long term goal: 9" / 6.5"

what I’ve noticed is that when I take viagra my measurements are smaller than when my erection without stimulants.I saw this on my girth when I`m on viagra girth is around 5.0 inch,without is around 5.2-5.25.And I`m just wander is this possible.

Have you got an upward curve? Reason I ask is because sometimes when I’m rock hard it measures a bit smaller than if I was just hard, because the curve is harder and well.more curved it doesn’t sit as straight against the ruler.

If you don’t have an upward curve, forget everything I just said :)

My BPEL has been fluctuating as well. I’m getting anywhere between 7.25”-7.5” on different days. I’ve been slacking this week and last week, and masturbating an extra time or two during the week. It’s just differences in your EQ more than likely.

Start: November 2010 (BPEL: 7.5" -- EG (Midshaft): 5.6" -- EG (Base): 6.1")

Well when extremely erect as in with the Cialis.. there is a very slight upward curve.. that is not present usually. So yea I guess that could accommodate the error. However, I didn’t think it would be .25 of an inch worth.

Starting stats: 6.4" / 4.75" Current Stats: 7.5" / 5.25" Next Goal: 8.5" / 5.5" Long term goal: 9" / 6.5"

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