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Measuring Curved Penis

Measuring Curved Penis


I know there has been a lot of discussion about the most accurate way of measuring the proper length of a curved penis, but I have yet to find a really complete answer. I myself have a penis which is curved slightly downwards, this hasn’t been much of a problem but it has been pretty confusing trying to do measurements with a ruler as they seem to be a little inaccurate, due to the length unaccounted for by the curve. But if I were to use a tape, I’m unsure where to measure until to get a real length.

I’m not sure how many are facing similar problems, it must be even more problematic for those who curve sideways. Hope some light could be shed on this. It would be great to be able to know my length and have a basis of comparison.


My penis is curved upwards when erect, and when measuring with a ruler, I always end up 1 tot 3 centimeters shorter than when measuring with a tape. So I put the tape on top of my penis to measure. BUT, it is said that for measuring the exact length of your penis, you should put the tape under your penis and then measure from start to end.

I have a pretty good upward curve. I measure with measuring tape. First rip off the small metal piece at the end. It added 1/8 of an inch to the length of my measuring tape. Therefore it would lead you to believe that your penis is 1/8 of an inch smaller. Most straight rulers have this much space at the beginning as well and that is not part of the actual ruler. Then I take the end of the tape and bone press it above my penis with the thumb of my left hand, then properly align it up my cock with my right hand. Don’t forget, you will always get your most honest measurements on off days!

Straighten it out and use a ruler to measure it.

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I use to have one of those hanging erections while standing the measured a bit over 8”

But because of ballooning it points to the ceiling now and has more of a upward curve. I have yet to get a good BPEL of this new penis. I mostly do NBPEL measurements usually weekly.

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Measure as the others have said, but not on the bottom. Along the top.

Alright. So it appears that what some have been doing is measuring along the curve. Thanks for the input.

I have the same thing kinda. Upwards curve. Thing is tho that it’s quite the banana curve (which so far all the girls I slept with liked, what with hitting the g-spot nicely). The difference between measuring at the top and bottom are quite big tho.

Top is about 6” and bottom almost 8”. So I guess taking the average of those values and call it 7” would be OK, no?

Mine curves left.

I guess you can use secondary education level maths to measure the curvature with the angle, but you will have to model your penis with great accuracy, which is quite silly.

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