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Measuring confusion

Measuring confusion

I have avoided measuring my dick since I started PE in April this year. I finally got round to it the other day and updated my stats on here.

What I noticed after I entered my new data was that the figures don’t add up.

Take my starting stats as an example. 6.250 EPBL. 4.375EG. 1.393EW. To calculate the volume of a cylinder you multiply the length by the sum of the width divided by pi. IE 6.250 x 4.375 / 3.141 which equals a volume of 8.706 yeah? Not 9.520 as it says on my stats chart on here. I am doing something wrong? Anyway gains are gains so I don’t really think it matters that much.

However what I do think is important for me to know is weather or not I’m measuring my BPEL correctly or not. I have searched threads on here about measuring, but I still haven’t found an answer to my question, which is. When I’m fully erect in the tube I use for length, I scratched a line in the plastic where the end of my penis reaches. That measures 7.4” at a comfortable psi and 7.6” at as high as I can go without feeling pain.

When I measured my BPEL it came in at about 6.8”. Is this correct? Why am I so much longer in the tube? When I first measured my length I wasn’t vacuum pumping so I don’t how to relate my pumped length gains to my over progress.

I’m kinda sorry I remeasured at all now as I’m very confused about the whole thing. I knew it was growing and should of just left the tape measure alone. Having already remeasured tho, I have to keep up with it now.

See my site, updated today.

Wow! *starstruck* lol I totally know who you are. Thanks I’ll check that out now.

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