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Measuring accurately

Measuring accurately

To measure accurately , should you put the ruler on side of the penis or on top of it?

On top.

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Another question : Should I measure length with ruler or inch tape?

I think the most accurate would be a tape, because a ruler doesn’t really measure your curve (if you have one).

F.e. I am about 0.75” to 1” longer when measuring with a tape.

It is much harder to get consistent length measurements using a tape as opposed to a ruler. If you are going to use a tape invest the time in getting good at measuring with it.

I have a banana curved penis so I do understand not wanting to short change ones self by using a ruler. A good compromise is to use a ruler for precise, tracking gains due to PE, measurements. Use a tape measure for the occasional, official, how long it is measurement.

I think it is important to separate the two types of measuring we do in PE. You certainly want to know how long the darn thing is and if it has a curve get credit for that. As far as tracking gains goes the important thing is precise and consistent monitoring of changes in length compared to where you started. These two types of measuring are not necessarily the same thing.

I ended up using a semi-rigid plastic ruler that allowed me to push & bend it into the banana curve. That way I could get a standard tracking my gains ruler measurement since that was how I had started measuring; then, with a simple push on the ruler I could get a, “how long is it anyway?”, measurement.

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Plenty of measuring threads around. The trick to searching for them is to specify “measuring” in the thread title rather than the entire thread.

Use the search button on the top right of the page to open a search window. On the top left of the search page you will see “Search by Key Word”. Enter “measuring” and change the default setting of “Search Entire Posts” to “Search Titles Only”.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Thanks all

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