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Measuring accuracy!

Measuring accuracy!

I’ll try to put this clearly:

I have a curve. The curve adds another 1/8 inch. Do I measure along the curve or do I measure straight out? If I measure straight out I am not pressing my dick firmly against the ruler to negate any curvature, thus a shorter measurement.

If I use measuring tape I can measure along the curve and get a longer reading. I guess my main question is…Do I measure along the curve or do I measure straight out?

Also what about along the bottom to where the dick meets the balls? I go along the parts that I know will be useful in penetrating a woman. I get the longest reading here whether via tape or ruler. What do you guys think?

I think the most accurate way to measure you penis, is with a flat ruler placed on top of your penis. Straight out.

Dont measure on the bottom, you can if you want on the side, I think you could accidently get incorrect readings from the sie, so I just measure on top.

And done worry about the curve, once you start peing, the curve will start to fade. So just measure straight out.

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Measure tight to the curve. No matter how you are curved, it’s all you and all of it goes in some orifice, to be appreciated by someone.



I have the same problem. I have always measured it on top with a ruler. I haven’t tried measuring it with a tape measure. Prolly, I would get a bigger measurement if I do since the curve would be taken into consideration.

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