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Measuring a bend?

Measuring a bend?

Hey, I was wondering if I should measure along a bend? My wang bends to the right slightly, and it measures about 7.1 - 7.25 straight out, but 7.5 - 7.75 if I measure along the bend with a string. Oh and my new girth measurements are about 5.75 at the base, and about 5.3 everywhere else… tree trunk?

Good question, I feel for accuracy that perhaps measuring the bend is more precise, however my experience has been that jelking straightens the bend this is what happen to me my erections are strait now instead of slightly bent. It use to bend toward the right at about a 20 degre angle.

Is this your starting size, great size you are already big, according to penissurvey you are well endowed. Approximately 10% of the world male population exceeds you length and girth. Thats only about 280 million dudes out of nearly three billion, providing the survey reflects a cross section of world population. I think only 3500 people submitted measurements.

I also have a bend. It is 6.5” when measured without straightening out my penis. If I did I would of added a few more mm’s :)

Yea I am a pretty tallguy so luckily I didn’t end up with a pencil dick.

Other than the psychological boost of that extra 1/2 “, what probably matters more is measuring the same way everytime.

:_pump: :donatecar

Yep basically.

Man, this why can’t take a picture of my penis, mines curves up.

"I came here to get back what I lost!" 01/06/07: NBPEL [15.8CM] BPEL [6.75] EG [5.5]02/10/07: NBPEL [16.2CM] BPEL [7.0] EG [5.75] 05/07/07: NBPEL [17.1CM] BPEL [7.25] EG [5.5]I GOT IT BACK!!! AS OF MAY 2007 NEW GOAL NBPEL 7.5!

I wish mine had a cool upward curve. Friction inside the vagina and some serious simulations :D

Mines also have a upward curve so I used a tape measure like what a tailor would use to measure my penis and just press down along the curve to get the actually measurement.

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