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I have read some sites that say measuring the penis is not done by pressing against the bone, is this more crap from them or what? or is it preference in the way measurements are taken?


I have read on some sites that the correct way to measure your penis length is not to press against the bone ,is more crap from them or what?

Were they wanting to sell penis enlargement manuals or pills? If they were they might not want you measuring bone pressed so that you would have a smaller size image of yourself. The less adequate a guy feels the better the chance they might get the guy’s money. Did you read it at the penissizedebate website? I’m not sure how it says to measure but it wouldn’t surprise me if it said to not measure to the bone since that site appears more aimed at making men feel inadequate than a fair and balance debate.

I consider bone pressed a more accurate measurement. A guy that puts on weight just has more padding there, his dick hasn’t really changed. Granted, it can cause a guy to not be able to get quite all himself into a woman, but with angle and pressure I don’t think it alters things much.

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It’s up to you which way you use. I would say that bone pressed is more accurate, but NBP gives a better measurement of what is actually ‘showing’. I think most people measure BP around these parts, I like to measure both, and have always had a .5” difference.

Good Luck

Bone pressed is a constant datum. Pick either one, it’s your cock.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

I know what you mean, personally i measure with bp because it is a better way of actually noting gains and am happy with that way, also measure nbp as well and have about an inch difference but gains are harder to notice when measurinf nbp.

the site were not selling pills just sexual technique sites, just through me off cos i know most around here measure bp, just thought for a moment i was deluding my self, damn the crap on the net!back to reality.

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