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Measurement QuestionsNewbie ProgressStorytime

Measurement Questions, Newbie Progress, Storytime

Hey everyone, just had a few questions and some updates on progress.

First off, the FAQ says to measure after 2 days of no PE. I had interpreted this as you have a day off for your rest day, and then you can measure the next day before you’ve done your PE, but do you mean to take 2 rest days and then measure on the third day before continuing PE?

Also, I’m not adding any new exercises to the newbie routine (yet), but do you think some small tweaks wouldn’t hurt as I get some experience? I have added an additional two minutes of jelqing and I do 75 kegels instead of 50 now. Please give any feedback if you think I should avoid this.

Now for progress updates.

After having a rest day and before doing PE (like I mentioned earlier, my interpretation of what ‘2 days off’ meant)
I am just under 8.25 inches BPEL and at 5 midshaft EG

And I know it’s not very significant to measure just after PE, but I’m obsessed with seeing those numbers go up so..
Immediately after PE I am anywhere from 8.5-8.75 BPEL, and slightly over 5 mid EG.

I wasn’t really looking for length gains, but I’m sticking to the newbie routine, and I certainly can’t complain. I can’t wait until it will be safe for me to start clamping, but I’m thinking of maybe trying to hit 9 or even 10 inches first. Although I’m sure this enthusiasm will fade out once my newbie gaining phase is passed and I’ll much prefer to focus on girth. I am very happy with the girth gains so far though and EQ seems to have improved somewhat, although I hadn’t noticed a problem with it before starting PE.

Now for the story.

Lecithin. This supplement is incredible! I take quite a few supplements for working out, which includes D3, Quercitin, Orthosillicic acid, enzymes for digesting protein, creatine, resveratrol, zinc, magnesium, and msm. I quit taking arginine and glutamine when I realized how much of it was getting from my whey protein. Since starting PE I have quit watching porn; a decision made partially by this community’s advice and partially by the fact that my computer got a virus less than 2 weeks after starting. Although I edge, I have quit masturbating other than approximately once a week.

Now for a brief flashback, I have only been with 2 women. One was a virgin who didn’t know anything other than that penises were icky and that mine hurt her a lot when we finally attempted sex. It was horrible. But my other girlfriend was amazing, we had incredible sex and I trusted her to inform me on what she liked and what was the norm in different situations. One thing she specifically had mentioned was that I shot very small loads. Not like it was an insult, and she didn’t hate it, after all it was less for me to clean up or her to consume depending on certain circumstances. My low amount of ejaculate was something I had already been aware of. I knew it was unrealistic to compare myself to porn stars, but I had always felt like my semen had about one short spurt and then dribbled out afterward, only going anywhere if it was basically picked up and thrown or my penis was whipped sideways so it could fly off the end. Before today I had masturbated twice since taking the lecithin and had noticed an increase in load size, I was quite pleased. But today it was different. I hadn’t intended to go masturbate but I had been thinking about a new friend I’ve made and happened to stare in the mirror at the boner I had gotten (I am rather narcissistic and have self image problems.. I regularly take off my shirt when I’m in the bathroom to look at myself). Anyways as it had been an entire week since doing anything more than edging, I decided to go test the equipment, and I kid you not when I say I was surprised. Maybe it’s the increased time to recover, maybe it’s the kegels, maybe it’s the supplements, but something terrifying happened. Not only was there a LOT more ejaculate, but the trajectory was literally totally different. I shot the first burst completely over my hand with the appropriate safety kleenex and part of it went past my mattress, the drops landed literally over 4 feet away. The additional bursts then filled the cleanup hand, I don’t know just how many there were but they each had at least as much velocity as my previous primary loads used to have.

I seriously wish I had a girlfriend right now that I could call into the room to show this off to, but alas, I do not.

Anyways, does anyone have answers to my questions? Or perhaps just general input on similar personal experiences?

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You are measuring fine. The point is to not mis-interpret a temporary size gain from a recent workout for a permanent gain. As long as you remain consistent in your measuring, you are measuring correctly.

I think small tweaks to the newbie routine are just fine as long as you don’t add too much. Besides, some people like the newbie routine and some respond better to the linear newbie routine. The point here is stick to the basics, get to know how your unit responds, get it conditioned and don’t overdo it.

For the cum increase, you should read this: Holy Grail of Cum Load Increase. I did my own experiments with this and had terrific results. My wife knows just how much I can cum in different circumstances and when I was experimenting with the supplements, there was one time I drenched her with a “Peter North” load. She sat up after just covered and we both just started laughing hysterically. I have since stopped most of the supplements because, while they were fun, they also get expensive and I didn’t like the overall amount of stuff I was taking combined with other supplements I take.

My journey .... My pics

Start BPEL 6.50" x MSEG 5.00"

Now BPEL 7.625" x MSEG 5.25"

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