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Measurement Questions

Measurement Questions

As PE’er I have done my fair share of measuring, now, as to what I am eluding to. When measuring for girth the standard is to take the measurement mid-shaft? As it appears to me initially it is ‘self-evident’ as to where mid-shaft is, but in practice at least with myself, it is not, especially at a maximal erection. I know for many men, myself included, that my maximal erection comes and my testicles will pull up close to my body. Now when I am measuring, If I was 8” NBP, I should measure inbetween 3.5” and 4.5” on the spectrum of my shaft, correct? Anyway, with my testicles pulled up, do I continue to take that 3.5” to 4.5” measurment on my shaft or does that measuring place move forward of that? Perhaps, since I cannot post yet because of my low post count I could create a diagram.


(Region for measuring) - mid-shaft


(Being more aroused and having testicles pulled forward)

Which is appropriate midshaft?

When people suggest a base measurement, where exactly is that being taken?

Behind the testicles? Or is it being taken have the testicles pushed all the way as far backward as possible and taking as measurement as close to the fat pad as possible? Hopefully I am at least decently clear as to my description.

To be honest, I am completely confused by your explanation - mainly because I am too tired to understand right now. A lot of people take measurements of the thickest part.

Midshaft doesn’t have to be perfectly in the right place, just take a guess - nobody gets it exactly the same.
The base measurement is around the part nearest to your stomach, try not to include any ball sack - but I don’t think that would make much difference either ;)

Hope this helps you mate.

May the force (of your hand) be with you. :littleguy

The main thing, with any measuring, is to be consistant. Make sure its in the same place every time so you can see if you’re making progress and your routine is effective. Pick a point that is easy to duplicate; right at the base where the shaft meets the body (no balls) or at the circ scar (if you have one) are easy to find every time. Other locations are possible, just make sure you’re measuring there consistantly. I wouldn’t measure from how far my balls pulled up as, for me at least, that isn’t always consistant.


I just go with the thickest mid range measurement everytime I measure.

Edit: I now realise that’s unclear where mid range should end. Tps’ advice is more specific and good.

LOL SJY, I had wanted to get some photos and do some paintbrush on them to bring the lines into perspective, had I done that I don’t think there would have been as much question as to my measurement technique, anyway, thank you all for the clarification.

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