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Measurement question

Measurement question

I realize this has been debated many times, and I’ve read many of the threads pertaining to it. I’m just curious what the thoughts are among some of the members here. For me, measuring across the top is difficult and in my mind, somewhat inaccurate. I have a decent bend upwards and a bit to the left and I think this hinders my measurement across the top.

If I measure across the top, I come up with 8.25 BPEL and 7.25 NBPEL (evidently I gained some fat pad recently :( )
If I measure across the bottem, I’m 10 almost on the dot (this is measured from roughly where shaft hits balls)

If I average those 2 measurements, I get almost a decent boost in specs, but I wanted to know if in anyone’s opinion this was realistic. My reason for this arguement is that, if you measure across the top, people who have a straight penis will average more than me, and people with a downwards curve even more so. If we measured across the bottom then people with a downward curve would suffer while people with upwards would benefit.

Isn’t in this case, measuring them both and averaging it the best method? If you do that then curve becomes irrelevant and you can get an actual measurement of the penis.

Like I said, just curious on everyones thoughts on this topic.


How about measuring with measuring tape and then adding your fat pad? That way it accounts for the curve and adding your fat pad accounts for the bone press. Just a thought.

I think measuring from the top is the way to go. Measuring from the bottom depending on the temperature and my hormones my shaft can be exposed almost to my asshole, and some days my balls just shrivel up so I’m shorter than I am on top. Also the most a woman is going to recieve from you is where your ligs extend out of the body, or your bone pressed length. I have a pretty bad upward curve too house_md so I sometimes wish I could measure the bottom of my shaft and claim I have a 9 incher, but I think it is just too inconsistent.

-Under6dreamof9 - Wow, it really goes that far on you? I only get an extra 1.75 inch compared to my top measurement (maybe my balls are located higher up?). Lol I guess it isn’t that accurate if you go to there, I was just talking about where it changes from dick to scrotum if that makes any sense. Anything past that I don’t consider a measurement.

-Dickstrong - Although it does help significantly, I don’t think it accounts for the curve entirely since if I force my penis to straighten out a little I gain some even with a flexible measuring tool. I could be wrong though as I’m too tired to get out a math book and look it up though ;)

When speaking of lenght around here, it means measuring from the top. If you are measuring to track gains, take all measurements you do think are useful, and measure always the same way.

Honestly who cares about numbers other than measuring? So just find a way and stick with it every time. Doesn’t matter how you do it as long as it’s the same every time. From the top seems to get the most regular results for most.

When it gets to what matters it’s about “Feels amazing” or “looks big” not “oh it’s X.X inches from the top and X.X inches from the bottom? My God, those numbers turn me on!”

February 1: NPBEL: 5.25" Eg: 4.25"

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