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Measurement problems

Measurement problems

Hi All,

This is my first post here at Thunders. First let me start by saying I love the site and think there is a great sense of community here.
That being said let me get on to the topic of this post. I have been doing a hanging routine for about a month now my starting stats
Were 6.5” BPEL and 5” EG midshaft Today was my day to measure up and see if I had made any gains. I tried to do my measurements
Right after my routine today. Low and behold my BPEL is now 6”! I will say that I didn’t feel fully erect. My lady and I had a pretty
Rigorous sexual romp this weekend and I could swear during that time that my erection looked both longer and fuller so I was pretty much
Stoked to take my measurements. This is extremely disappointing to me. So I guess my question is should I wait until I’ve had a little more
Recovery time and try to take the measurements again later? I have to say the erection I got to measure was pretty forced. I don’t know
Maybe I’m just hoping against hope that is the reason I’m showing a loss. I will continue my quest towards a bigger dick but I’d like to know
I’m getting accurate measurements. Any feedback would be much appreciated.



Bro same thing happen to me, when I first started I lost 1/4 of an inch. Probably from over training. But I gained it back and almost another 1/4.


I’m no expert in this of PE, however I have noticed that, when you measure post workout it seems that you have lost some or gained nothing, I recomend you to measure gains in rest days, I do this to ensure my unit has had plenty of rest and see the real growth.
Sorry for my bad english.

Happy gainig.

Current: 18.8cm(7.40'')BPELx12.5(4.92'')EG Measuring laying down pressing the ruler with one hand.

19.8cm(7.79'')BPELx12.5(4.92'')EG Straightening my unit with the other hand.

Thanks for the responses. Micro could you possibly give me an idea of what your routine was like when your losses occured. I’d like to compare it to mine and see if I might be overtraining. 3X3 Thank you to for your input I’ll retry my measurements on my rest day like you suggested. I’m really hoping that fatigue was the issue. Thanks again

Just a quick update.after measuring my BPEL again today with adequate rest I am happy to report a gain of 1/4 inch in length. No girth gains however. Which I’m not too worried about at the moment anyway as I’m concentrating primarily on length. So apparently my little freak out yesterday was wasted. Thanks again for the responses anyhow.

Two factors caused your measuring to be off. You had sex, which means the quality of your erection diminished, and you just got done working out. If you are doing it right, your penis is pumped, but most guys have less erection quality after working out.

Rule of thumb for Thunders, don’t measure that often after you adjusted your routine to fit yourself. If you measure, do it every 2-3 months.

After a workout or even hours after a workout your package will be still recovering from the stress and not fully relaxed, this will result in stunted erections. RELAXATION cannot be over emphasized in this game inorder to make your plant blossom. This is why the quality erection or your maximal size will not always be realized, there are many factors that affect the overall engorgement and ultimate size.

That is one of the funny things about this sport, it can be like Xmas morning sometimes when you look down at your gal sucking a pole that is unrecognizable. When you have been doing PE long enough you will realize that there is a high and low metric when it comes to your erection size, sometimes I am 7 and sometimes I am 8, it just depends on how all the variables line up. The penis is a dynamic hero and will not always be wearing the same suit, you are not dealing with your ring finger here. So, do not sweat it and use the ruler for more useful purposes; like swatting the cat. Hang long, hang tough.

Banned for posting bullshit again - previously Salvo

Thanks again for all the responses. I’ve pretty much resolved to take the same approach to this as I do exercise. PE will just become something I do, a given factor of my daily life. I have tendency to micro manage so I guess I’ll just have to curb that impulse.

Originally Posted by Shilow
That is one of the funny things about this sport, it can be like Xmas morning sometimes when you look down at your gal sucking a pole that is unrecognizable.

This is sport now? When are the finals going to be aired on ESPN? :)

I heard that PE will be in the next summer olympics.

:buttrock: The Peter Dick method :buttrock:

Then, BPEL:7.500"x5.500"

Now, BPEL:8.375"X6.750"

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