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Measurement Fluctuations

Measurement Fluctuations

Hi guys, I just want to know if it is normal the fluctuation of measurements. For example some days my dick measures 22 cm bp and some days 21.5 or even 21 cm. Why is this?. Do you also have this problem?

Actualmente: 21.5 cm x 14 cm

Meta : 23 cm x 15 cm.


I have seen similar fluctuations. It can be from a myriad of different things. Temperature, stress, lack of sleep, overworking it, and I’m sure the list goes on and on. This is a good reason not to measure every day, or every other day, or every weekend, or whatever. I only measure mine on the days it feels like it’s at it’s biggest. When I first started PE, I was really skeptical about it being a scam. But after just one week, I thought to myself, “hey, that actually seems a bit bigger already”. So I grabbed a ruler and checked, and holy cow, I gained 1/4” in that first week.

This happens to me, but I don’t think of it as a problem. Just seems to be part of the deal. At different times I’ve measured (NBPEL) 13.5 cm, 14.0cm and 14.5cm. The 13.5 cm measurement tends to be when I’ve got a erection but I’m not really interested in sex. I just sort of have the erection, you know? On the hand, the 14.5cm measurement is when I’m close to the point of no return.

I’ve also noticed a similar, but much smaller, difference in girth measurement. MS-EG for me is 5.4 inches with a normal erection and 5.5 inches when I’m close to the point of no return.

It could be your posture too. If you slouch when you measure you may get a smaller(bigger?) measurement then when you are standing straight.Try standing in front of a wall every time you measure to eliminate this.

My penis can fluctuate several centimeters from a day to another, even at the same degree of erection. It is a good idea to record BFSL to trakc length gains.

I get differences in my measuring as well. It’s pretty disappointing to get a measurement that’s less than you think it should be. But then again, it’s very encouraging to get a measurement that’s above what you thought it would be!

Point is, don’t let it bother you!

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