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Measured girth today slightly smaller

Measured girth today slightly smaller

Does your girth measurements ever vary? I measured my girth today and it was slightly smaller than last time I measured. Any thoughts?

Yes and so does length. This is normal.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

No. My one only varies in INCREASING length *rolls eyes* :)

Big dipper. If you got to a certain girth measurement and then havn’t PE’ed in a bit, then your girth will be a tiny bit lower, since girth isn’t cemented up to the point of measurement (while you were actively PE’ing for girth).

March 2006: 6.875" x 4.500" x 5.00" (BPEL x MLG x BG)

April 2007-.: 7.81" x 4.81" x 5.1" - 'And it just keeps getting bigger!'

I will have..: 8.500" x 5.750" x 6.00" My Pics My Progress

Yeah perfectly normal. Once it lasted for about a month and I was under where I started out at, needless to say I was freaked out. It ended up coming back though.

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