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Measure properly? How to track small progess?

Measure properly? How to track small progess?

Hey guys. I´m new here!

So I was just having a masturbation, to measure for the first time. First I measured 5,1, I knew I could do better. So I stopped, one hour later I tried again, and reached 5.5 to 5.6. I know I´m small, and my flaccid is even more small.. But whatsoever, how do I keep track of the small progess I make? It all depends on how horny and how hard you get. When do I know I´m 100% erect? Like one time, a girl made me the hardest I´ve ever been. But when I´m at home masturbating I don´t always get full hard on? So how do I know if I make progess? Do you take any pills? No masturbation or sex for a couple a days before measuring or what? It would kill me if I didn´t know my exact progess. Any tips, to get to the maximum erection besides watching porn you really enjoy?

Best Regards

I think the most important thing you can do is to be meticulously consistent when measuring. Same time of day, as close as possible to the same EQ, hydration level, etc. And don’t measure every day! Give yourself some time to actually achieve some measurable gains. And be patient. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

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Make sure you measure the same way every time. The same erection level, the same conditions.

Great advice from the two guys already, but there are a few more things I would like to add as well:

- Measure with the same device every time (alternating between a metal and a wooden and a plastic ruler will give different measurements, surprisingly enough, even though minor enough).

- Always measure with the same erection level. So if one day you are not horny and your EQ is shit, then don’t measure.

- Some problem people have is ruler-phobia (myself included), so they lose a bit of their erection once they get the tape or ruler. One tip to avoid this is by edging and reason a PONR then quickly grabbing the ruler. It will give you more time before the erection subsides than just regular measurements while erect.

- Keep the ruler at the same angle, same degree, and same placement against your penis (some guys try to measure APEL - ass-pressed erection length - to get more flattering measurements)!

- And don’t forget to smile :D

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