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Measure by reps or by time

Measure by reps or by time

I wonder, since I get double signals.

Some people say you should count the reps, to about 200 jelqs for example..

And some say you should go by time, doing jelqs for 10-15min..
This way, people can vary from 200 to as low as 100 if you keep getting ahrd all the time.

What say you?

Time. I’ll use a stopwatch to count time, it is ideal. It allows me to do something else during the routine while I keep the ability to stop the time when I can’t continue, for instance when I get to hard.

In my opinion it’s based on such calculation:

200 strokes x 3 secs = 600 secs = 10 minutes

The extra 5 minutes is added if you can’t hold the erection all the time, so totaled 15 minutes.

However, I limit myself in both time and reps, whichever come first, sometime I can do more if I can hold my erection longer, and less if not.

Awhile back when I actually used to jelq (a month or so) I couldn’t stand counting each stroke so I got to where I could kinda feel when I was at the 3 second mark(supposedly the best amount of time per stroke)then I would just watch the watch and do my 15 min. Then stop.

When I want to do 5 secs jelq, I was told to reduce the reps so it should be equal to the time taken for the 3 sec jelq.

I personally count reps, but I suppose either way would work. :)

It’s not going to kill you to do a few extra jelqs and it probably wouldn’t hurt hurt you to do little under accidentally.

I miss this place.

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