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Mayonnaise jelq

Mayonnaise jelq

Was bored at work today and thought I would cancel my deacon break with some jelqing but had no lube. So, I looked about the staff kitchen and found a bottle of mayonnaise in the fridge. It’s really good, gets nice and greasy, very effective and natural ingredients too, highly recommended.

Plus you can get the dog too lick it off when your finished. Haha

What the Fuhell?

That aint right man!


1-9-08 BPEL 5.5 X 4.5

1yr Goal 7 X 5.5

Long Term Goal 8X6

Wow, try explaining that one to the boss. I’ll guarantee that you wouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the potato salad at the company picnic. Wow.

Haha :D .

April fool’s day! :D

Still, Sliver, Kingdong’s shouldn’t be allowed near the potato salad or any of the other food, for that matter. I guess he’ll just have to have someone fix him a plate :-D

Next week - fun with ketchup

Or if your really hardcore, Chinese mustard!

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