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Maybe I shouldn't

Maybe I shouldn't

I have been PE’ing for a month and 3 weeks now. Just today I have started doing 2 workout sessions within a day, since uni has finished for the year and I have SOOOOO much time on my hands, Is this safe? Should I just commit myself to 1 workout per day ? Thanks.

Okish6er, my opinion is that these folks here have been PE’ing and discussing these topics forever, if they give me a Newby Routine to follow for the first 3 months based on their extensive knowledge then that’s what I am going to try to follow. 2-a-days sounds like allot to me and certainly doesn’t fit the Newby Routine.

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Ok, thanks for your reply spruce. Appreciate it.

No matter where you are in your PE career, in the long run, doing 2 workout sessions per day turns out to be counter productive.

Just remeber Okish6er, its your penis man, you dont want to hurt that, and then if you do you have to explain wtf you were doing in the first place lol.

It depends what you mean by workout… I split my daily routine in 3 workouts usually (10min stretch; 10min stretch + 10-15min jelq; 10min stretch).

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Ahh okies, thanks for all your replies. Appreciate it. :)

Originally Posted by spruce

Just remeber Okish6er, it’s your penis man, you don’t want to hurt that, and then if you do you have to explain wtf you were doing in the first place lol.

First he would have to open his mouth then speak, that’s kinda a hard concept for most people to grasp. Good question spruce

Take it easy.

It is always best to take it slow. Your gains come from the repair process
After to beat the hell out of your member during your PE routine. Do your
Routine as prescribed, then just relax and let your penis heal. Patience is the
Key. It is not a penis growth race.



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