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may have lost some length/or not

may have lost some length/or not

I have had a trouble timekeeping up with pe because of my work. I have gone throught a whole entire week without stretching, jelqing, doing kegels, or anything. I look down and notice that my flacid size doesnt appear like it one was. My erection length is about the same size, probably a tiny bit smaller though. So I have gone back to doing my exercises and hopefully getting back on track with PE. Has anyone ever taken a break, or has not done the exercises in a short amount of time, and noticed decreased in length/girth?

My flaccid length is very dependent on me doing consistent stretching. A few days off affect it. I hope after a year or more of PE the flaccid gains will be more permanent.

It is depressing to admit but I seem to have lost 0.5 cm (~0.2”) in length gain due to inconsistency lately. But I gained 2.5 cm (1”) before that so not all gains seem to go away.

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Yeah, I have lost about 0.2” BPEL as I’m not as committed to PE’ing anymore. I wouldn’t worry about it too much. You never know, it could be because of your excitement level when you measure too.

Keep it up so that your permanent gains are so good that your loses will seem insignificant.

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