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May have been too motivated

May have been too motivated

I have jelqed and stretched on and off for about 2 years now, but after coming to Thunders and being so inspired to obtain my goal, I dove off the deep end and started clamping along with stretching and jelqing last week with no newbie routine at all. There does not seem to be any damage and I honestly don’t feel as though I’m over-training. I spread all my training out over the course of the day and take a break every 3rd day. Should I stop now and deconditon for 1 to 2 weeks or just cut back and go to the newbie routine?

You cannot rush the process to enlarge, the physiological changes that need to take place in order for new size to develop require time, discipline and consistency. When you first begin a routine the process of change begins almost immediately but the size increase will happen incrementally and over a long period of time, I believe most of us have gotten over zealous at times in the mistaken notion we can put the process on a fast track. You are working with structures that improve and change there capabilities slowly but the process is ongoing if you are a disciplined warrior.

The sporadic nature of your prior activities are probably of little benefit, it would be like body building on a “on and off” regiment, the body is never ready for competition. Stick with the newbie routine according to schedule and move in a proactive and disciplined schedule. Clamping is way down the line if ever.

Start over and make sure you do everything right. I did the newbie routine for 5 months to make sure I got all the ligaments stretched as much as possible. If you do the routine for at least 2 months, you will be able to clamp without the feeling of over-training.

If there seems to be no damage then why do you feel the need to unburden yourself in this thread? Is your erection quality suffering? Best to cut back on the clamping and follow the Newbie Routine consistently for 3 months to get your penis prepared for advanced exercises.

Perhaps you’ll just continue clamping til something goes wrong, but with only one penis is it a risk worth taking? :-k

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Yeah, I wouldn’t screw with the clamping thing until you know you are physically ready for it. This is an area where mind has got like no ability to change the physical nature of your penis. It’s either been made ready or it isn’t. And let me caution you with this - since you like to charge off motivated, you do that with clamping and you could be looking at one very damaged penis.

Word to the wise. Take care of yourself and go slow. That is what wins the race of progress in this arena.

Well, my main concern was that I may have jumped too far ahead and may have rendered the more basic routine useless from making such a dramatic jump. I know it isn’t very logical to assume such a thing, it was just on my mind at the time. The advice given was well received and I will make adjustments in intensity along with exercise selection. Thanks

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