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May be some luck

May be some luck

I have posted my reason’s for joining the Thunder’s Place forums and to re-cap I have always had very weak erections that die very quickly and cause me to cum fast.

I have been doing the newbie routine for a week and a bit now and have made some progress. Last night as I started to do my jelqs (with porn) I got a good strong erection much stronger than usual and I believe that the stretching exercises have some how caused this. I firmly believe this is due to the stretches and not the kegels although I am sure they do also help. Tonight I also had a good strong erection while I jelqed, I must admit I was so pleased I actually masturbated twice as I was curious and it was a lot more pleasurable than normal.

Any comments on this welcome and I will keep posting on my progress.

Ps. In my other posts I was certain I had a leaking vein or some sort of blockage may be could the stretches help this or unblock something?

Youngman, I am glad you are feeling better. But I don’t think that the stronger erections are because of the streching. Kegels sound like the reason. But whatever it is, enjoy it.

Jelqing = more blood. More blood flow = better erections….

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Stretching may open and loosen up areas in the penis allowing for more bloodflow as well.


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