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Maximum Output

First Hello everyone, great site glad to be here.


Is it normal for a newbie to feel more restricted be his skin rather than ligs?

When I stretch my skin at the base real pulls out and stops me from full extension, I mean there is still play in the ligs.

Is this normal, I’m hoping it means quick gains since skin is fairly pliable.

And, of course the question is what’s the best way to stretch the skin at the base to meet my ligs optimal capacity.


The better way to stretch is not done by holding base and stretching skin but by holding your glans and stretching your lig if with high LOT or stretching tunica if with low LOT. As far as gripping methods, do a search. There are many threads are related to it!

I am pulling at he glands, but when I stretch the skin at the base or throughout stop me from fully stretching the ligs.

Try to retract your foreskin at first and then hold your head to stretch!

Jones, probably you have long foreskin. If so try this.

After making the first wrap with cotton material pull the skin from under the wrap towards the base and then wrap the shaft tight with some silicon material over the first wrap. Doing this you prevent the foresking from going back onto the glans. Then you can hang without any problem since all the job is done by the inner structures and not by the skin.

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