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Maximizing girth gains

Maximizing girth gains

Hello I am new here! First post.

I would like to start by telling you my stats, 7”x5”, which I think is approximately 13.926 cubic inches by volume if I did the math correctly.

I’ve tried jelqing a few times before and I didn’t really notice much difference. Obviously, I won’t see results that quickly. Can anyone direct me to the best 5-10min routine which would maximize my girth gains? I don’t even want to concentrate on length because my girlfriend, who I have been with for over 3 years, can’t fit the full 7 inches of length. However, if I can please her that much more with a little extra girth.. Well then maybe I’ll make her orgasm 6 times instead of 4 or 5 ;)

I’ve already felt the power of the big dick, making her eyes roll back, but who’s to say a bit extra would hurt?

P.s. Do you have any other tips for a beginner? Like I said I’m new here so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

You should definitely start out with jelqing. But start out slow like everyone else and slowly increase how much you jelq, as your penis gets used to the pressure. It’s likely you will also gain some length by jelqing though. When you’ve gotten a good hang of the jelqing after a few months you should look into pumping. The good old penis pump. To my knowledge, this is by far the best girth exercise available as it keeps the penis swollen.

I don’t know an awful lot about pumping but it’s highly suggested installing a gauge to keep track of how much pressure you use. But definitely start out with jelqing.

Pumping gives temporary gains which are useable. You could pump up and see if she likes it before continuing forward.

You really need to condition your penis before going into more targeted girth routines. When you’re fully conditioned, I would first try manual routines that emphasize girth - ulis, squeezes, bends, sadsak slinky - rather than pumping or clamping.

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Originally Posted by djrobins
Pumping gives temporary gains which are useable. You could pump up and see if she likes it before continuing forward.

I was under the impression several members here have gained permanent girth from pumping.

With such a low duration you will be hard pressed to make any significant gains however jelqing is your best bet.

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You might try a soft version of clamping.

Maybe doesn’t give so fast results as regular clamping but is much more safe in my opinion even safer than the pump.

You should buy really strechy silicon cock ring medicals one like Osbon ring.And use one that provide a little bit bigger than your natural erections still allowing blod flow don’t turning your penis in a dark color but for sure a little bit more red but still an healthy color.Use not more than 15 minutes x session an during the exercise continue to stimulate a little bit your cock some times to keep the bigger erection than your natural one.

I just started two weeks ago so i can’t tell you nothing about permanent results but after a session maybe 20 minutes after i’m able to do great sex with an improved girth even without the ring on.And the quality of my erections improved with the glans fully engorged.

I think the point to get gain is to reach a little bit bigger erections compare to your natural limit taking care of your overall penis health and the time will do the rest.

Usually i do 2x 15 min session every day but sometimes when i’m really horny and motivated i do 4x15 min obviusly in different part of the day but in this case the EQ drop a little bit and is it normal…

Originally Posted by match
I was under the impression several members here have gained permanent girth from pumping.

In the short term it is temporary. So you wont be stuck with too large a size unless you keep pumping it over time.

Yea, about pumping, I don’t really want any contraptions or anything, is jelqing the best exercise for girth? Or are there others?


I think you have a key issue: time. You want to spend just 10-15 minutes per day. This is absolutely ok, And after a few months of browsing through the forums and tenaciously following the newbie routine I’ll be through on Sunday with my “don’t change a bit, just do it” 12 weeks proval period.

I feel ready for new routines and have learnt a lot about integrating PE in my day-to-day life, which is quite a challenge. And I have learnt that there is no sense in rushing in - penile tissue and ligaments need time to adopt to new stress. And if my measuring on Sunday is good, that I should NOT change the routine. And heat, heat is key! And, and, and…

So I’d say follow a simple routine in jelqing. I do believe jelqing is ideal as it offers a simple and still multidimensional approach to PE. It is as to say the most basic and most important technique.

Week 1-2: 5min heat-up, 3min jelq, 5 min warm-down
week 3-4: same as above, step-up to 6min of jelqing,
week 5-6, again 3 more minutes of jelqs ec etc
at week 9-10, you would reach the time objective of 15mins net training per day. And do max 5 days per week. growth happens during resting time…

Jelqs should be rather slow to very slow. not applying too much pressure in the beginning seems reasonable. and measure once a month and keep a logbook!

Then, and only then, at 3 months you can really judge if:
a) PE is working and
b) if you are ready to go the PE road with all it’s impact on daily life
c) if you want to keep or change the routine.

Just a noob to noob advice :-)

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