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Mastering jelqs

Mastering jelqs

Hey guys jelqing is hard! Especially in the beginning stages of PE I found a technique that might help some people out. I do kind of a hybrid wet/dry jelq. After my warm up and stretches I lube up and work my cock to about 60-80% erect but instead of doing a lubed wet jelq I do a lubes “dry” jelq essentially not letting the fingers slide along the shaft and really pushing the blood through to maximum expansion. After trying many different techniques this works the best for me. I get about 3/4 of an inch expansion in girth and about the same in length after my session of 100 jelqs. Give it a shot if you haven’t been able to find your “groove” in jelqing. Let me know if this helps!

3/4 of an inch expansion? That’s crazy. The most I ever got from jelqs was maybe 1/8. The most I ever got from clamping was maybe 1/4.

Hmmm… Maybe that’s why I suck at gaining girth.

Ya man it is pretty awesome. I measure NBPEL 6 1/8 and EG at 5 1/8 after my last PE session I looked bigger than ever so I measured and I was 7” non bone pressed and a little over 5.5” girth. It was amazing hopefully when I measure on the 15th real gains will be present :-)

Then I am doing something wrong. Mine is slimmer after jelqing. I thought that was normal.

When I first started PE I didn’t have enough flaccid to jelq, but after clamping and stretching my flaccid improved and I could finally find something to work with!

Began December 2009 at 5 7/8" length and 5" girth.

As of December 5th 2012 7 3/8" BPEL and 6 1/8" base girth.

Going for the magic 8"x6"

Jelq routine that works wonders for me

I have been battling the last couple of months to get any ‘staying” expansion from jelqing. I have now changed my technique, which gave me some awesome results from the word go. I do not over-exercise though
My routine:
From limp, I tug at it +- 20 tugs, just to get things going and slightly warmed up.

I alternate between the right and left hands, doing 25 jelqs per hand overhand OK grip, slow jelqs (3 seconds) by 2 sets = 100
I then grab the penis in the same grip, but this time I kegel and tighten the grip quiet a bit and slowly do a +- 1” jelq along the shaft and hold for 10 -15 seconds, 5 of these per hand 1 set (do not jelq any further up the shaft, as you may cause serious damage if you jelq with a too high erection.
I repeat this whole previous set 3 times. thus 300x 3 second jelqs and 30x 10-15 second jelqs.
I do this routine 5 days on 2 days off and combine this with manual stretches, 5 sets of 10 second stretched up,down, left, right and straight out in the mornings whilst in the shower to ensure a proper warm-up

This has made an huge difference to my circumference and the expansion stays for a long period of time. Well into the next day or sometimes I still notice it on my next routine.

I must add, do what is comfortable for you.

Thanks CAH I’ll give that a go.

To clarify what I said above; after jelqing flaccid girth is thicker for a few hours to a day.

I mean directly after EG is a bit smaller than normal. Is that normal?


My EG does seem to be slightly smaller than the FG if I become erect right after the session, but that is almost not mentionable. It should not be much thinner though.

Ya flaccid girth should definitely be bigger after a session since the tissue is still pliable. I try not to become erect after a session to try and maintain that expansion. Also the measurements I mentioned post session were at about 60% erect not fully erect.

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