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Many Questions for One Thread

Many Questions for One Thread

Hey, I don’t want to add more than one thread to ask many different questions so I’ll just ask them in one:

1. Do guys with a loser foreskin or any skin around the shaft have more of an advantage during PE? Like I believe I have loose skin around my penis and was wondering if that can help for things such as dry jelqing.

2. Are there any ingredients in different lubes that benefit the penis? Like some for anti-stretch marks or discoloration, cell reproduction, etc. And does anyone have any formulas or mixtures of different lubes they would like to share?

3. After CORRECTLY jelqing, is the penis suppose to feel plump or does it feel softer and back down to flaccid? Like I’ve had experiences with both. Am I jelqing too hard or too easy?

4. This may relate to question 1 but does being circumcised or not effect PE gains? I am currently uncircumcised.

5. Is there any correct way of positioning the body when jelqing, such as standing, sitting, or laying flat on your back, etc.

Thanks guys! I don’t want to start like an ass load of threads for these questions and all. Hope to hear from someone soon.

1. Sure guys with a foreskin or with looser skin are at an advantage when it comes to dry jelqing, because the amount the skin can be moved limits the stroke length. That’s why Jebus invented lubricants.

2. You will find reams of data on lubricants and it’s worth a search. From olive oil, through udder balm and vaseline(yuk), to KY jelly. Everyone has a favorite.

3. Plump is a good sign. Long lasting plump is a very good sign. Your session will vary despite your best efforts.

4. No circumcision might effect techniques but not gains. Skin stretches easily.

5. People have their preferences on this one. Find out what works best for you.

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