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Many questions and observations. trying to figure myself out.

Many questions and observations. trying to figure myself out.

Hey guys. Long time lurker .. Been a member for a few months, but I don’t post often. I have been dealing with some weird stuff lately that I’d like some help with, and I figure this is as good a place to start as any.

I started PEing in August of 2011. I have literally wrote down every single thing I have done since that date in a very detailed calender type journal. However, in the past month I have come down with a strange case of premature ejaculation, and I can’t seem to put my finger on why this is happening or how to solve it. I have never, ever had this problem in the past.

When I started PE in August I was about 6.1 NBPEL .. Not I am a solid 6.5 NBPEL, and at 100% erection I can almost reach 7 BPEL. I have read that an increase in size can cause Premature ejaculation because since you are bigger, sex feels ‘tighter’ which = more stimulation. I guess this makes sense to me, but it was such a sudden thing that I’m not sure this is the case.

I also started Propecia in May of 2011 .. I don’t want to talk myself into thinking this is the problem, because I have had NO issues with this till now. I also started lifting, taking supplements/vitamins, but I went a solid two months doing all of this stuff with no issues.

I have been with the same girl this entire time .. For the past 3 years to be exact. So no issues there. And sex was really, really good about a month before this started. I have no problem jerking off either ( and taking my time doing it ) it’s just the sex that kills me. It’s bad. Like, 2 minutes bad. I wish I knew what the hell went wrong.

Before I started PE I would just have sex and not think about what my penis is actually doing. Now that I am all to aware of my erection quality or involuntary kegels I guess I’m wondering what a good strategy is from here. When I hold a kegel while having sex is when sex feels the best .. Holding that kegel is also what makes me as hard as possible. I feel like I can last forever if I never Kegel, but then I find myself worrying about EQ. I hope that made sense.

So I guess what I’m asking is .. How is sex supposed to be done? It’s a funny question to ask, because I haven’t thought about it in my 10 years of steady sex .. But now that I am so aware of my body, and dealing with premature ejaculation I find myself wondering if I’m just not handling myself properly.

In searching for some answers to my recent problem, I think it is possible that I have a UTI. I feel like I have to Pee all the time, and I’m always ‘aware’ of my junk. It’s hard to explain .. It doesn’t hurt or ache, I just always feel something down there. Could this be the cause of my issues?

Phew. Sorry for the long post .. I’m starting to go a bit crazy over here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Difficult one to diagnose due to all of the variables that you have introduced … not to mention other variable that you may not have included in your post.

I suspect that your hyper awareness of the mechanics of what your dick is doing is a huge percentage of the overall issue. I am sure that it is easier said than done … but I woudl suggest taht you try not to think about it so much.

With regard to you suspicion that you may have a UTI … my experience is that if you had one you would certainly know it. My experience is that there was considerable pain associated with ejaculation and urination when I had UTI.

IF you still suspect a UTI … see a doctor.

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