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Manual stretchingEQ drop

Manual stretchingEQ drop

I’ve been PEing seriously now for about 5 or 6 months. My routine is basically just manual stretches and dry jelqing. However, I’ve noticed that every time I try to go for length and up my stretching, my EQ becomes terrible. It’s gotten so bad that I could barely get an erection this morning when I tried to masturbate. This seems to happen every time I do a lot of manual stretches to gain length and this is extremely frustrating as I’m at 6.75 inches nbp and all I want is another .25-.5 inches before I go after some girth. So I guess my question is this: Does this happen to anyone else? What is wrong with me?

Have you done any wet jelqing?

That and kegals helps the EQ.

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Length work tends to drop EQ. Jelqs tend to counter-balance that. Maybe you should switch to the linear routine or anyway to a less tiring routine if that is a problem for you.


I’ve had the same problem. Manual stretches are difficult for me because I can’t get a decent grip, so I tend to grip too hard to compensate. I noticed a decrease in my EQ as I upped my stretches as well. I actually took a break (not by choice, just too busy) for about a week and a half with NO PE, NO Stretches and my EQ the past couple days has been through the roof. I’ve started the NEW Newbie Routine and will not include manual stretches for a couple weeks then plan to ease into them. Sorry, I guess I didn’t offer a solution but don’t feel alone, there’s at least 1 other person who experiences this! :D

Like quite many other PEers, I experience similar problems. Stretches have been working for me quite good, I still see gains and ain’t planning to hang, since stretching is so beneficial for me, but EQ declined very noticeably. What aggravates my situation is that I quite often over-train.

Despite that, like the others in this thread recommended, I’ve been doing jelqs and kegels to offset the decline of EQ. Additionally I started pumping very moderately. And I see certain improvements. It usually takes several weeks (depends on a person, I’d say from 2 to 8 weeks) to more or less tangibly increase your EQ. So, you need be very disciplined with doing kegels, as well as with PE in general.

But note, that both jelqing and pumping increase your fatigue, so you are supposed to find a balance among all your exercises, and, presumably, significantly cut back on stretching to avoid severe over-training.

Since your are already conditioned, let me suggest you the following solution: do the same workouts of jelqing, but shed the time of your stretches by 40% and incorporate in your routine 2 sets of low pressure pumping 5-6 minutes each. Naturally, then adjust this routine depending on your fatigue and EQ. IMO, that would be a good combination for both length gains and improvement of blood circulation. Plus 7-8 minutes of 5-second kegel-contractions 6 on 1 off.

Plenty of us are in the same boat. For some, a loss of EQ is not a big deal and I actually think these are some of the big gainers who don’t slow down because of reduced EQ. The EQ will come back but they just keep pushing the limits. For those of us married, with a GF or active sex life EQ is pretty damn important. I have to try to schedule rest days on those days I know I’ll be getting busy with wifey…usually mid week and weekends.

Totally agree with you, Ddolphin. I grow twice as fast when I over-train, than under normal conditions. Because I avoid long term relationships and have sex only occasionally, I can accept reduced EQ. But nobody can be sure that such a practice won’t have long-term implications on EQ.

Yeah. If the PEer doesn’t mind having declined EQ for a while then PEing everyday in my opinion will grant the most gains in the fastest time possible. Look at the success that guys like Aishy, Drilla, tubesnake and others that have 5-6 day a week routines that last through out the day. I think repeated bouts of controlled tension on the penis almost everyday through out the day is best to produce and maintain constant CREEP and plastic deformation in a safe manner.

Now if EQ is important to you and you have a very sexually active life style then rest days should be implimented but only the minimum amount of rest days. We have to remember that were are trying to deform the ligaments and tunica in the penis to increase in RAW tissue mass. The blood supply is already there to fill up the spongy tissue in the penis greatly but the raw tissue mass and elasticity of the tunica is what sets the limit to size of the penis. To acheave safe and perminant deformation of the ligs and tunica it takes alot of controlled stress and time under tension. Even on rest days a light ADS should be used for a couple of hours to prevent turtling while recovery takes place.

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Tweaking and Gyrta,
I guess my warm up is kind of half-ass, but what I always do is take a hot shower and start stretching in there (SO and SU only) and I’m pretty sure it does the trick. I don’t do wet jelqs anymore although lately I’ve been considering replacing my stretching with wet jelqs so my EQ goes back up.

And, yeah, I’ve been experiencing what I’m pretty sure are some good length gains (I haven’t measured just yet). I am in an LTR so that’s basically the only reason I want to maintain an EQ that isn’t short of perfect. It is just so frustrating because this is the third or fourth time I’ve gone after length by doing manual stretches and lost a good EQ, although I’ve begun to do kegels again and was actually able to get and maintain a couple of erections in class today after I posted this thread. So, thanks everyone for confirming my suspicion that the kegels are helping out with EQ, and I guess some more are in order if I want to continue with the manual stretches. Oh, and my routine is 5 on, 2 off (Sun-Thurs on and Fri and Sat I’ll rest)

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