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Manual Stretching


Manual Stretching

Hi Guys, I’ve started the newbie routine but I don’t do the jelqing exercises. My question is, has anyone seen length gains just from doing the 5 minutes stretches & the hot wrap?

Yes, some guys have made length gains through manual stretching alone. You probably won’t see substantial gains until you increase the stretch time to at least 10 minutes daily. It’s great that you’re starting slow, however.

Hello there helpme7, I would agree with Mr. Goomba that you need to increase that stretch time. However, contrary to what you might assume; don’t do this on a timer. I would read the LOT theory in the articles forum, determine your LOT and then stretch appropriately for either a low LOT, (meaning stretch up), or for a high LOT (stretch down).

So now you know which way to stretch. Do this until you feel fatigued, or a light soreness, then stop. Otherwise you are risking injury, or even death. (Okay maybe not death.)

Also as Mr. Goomba said: start slow. Plenty of time ahead of you. Good luck.

-Tom “Join the PE Pyramid” Foolery

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I’ve noticed good things from stretching. Are you planning on Jelqing as well in the near future? I find that jelging after a good stretch really works well!!

Hey. I am pretty new to this forum but have been trying some of the exercises out. I really haven’t gotten into full routine. I have been stretching quite regularly. I believe that I have some gains. My penis seems larger when erect and there is definitely a little more skin below my head. I plan on measuring and then continue working on a light routine of stretches and jelqs. This place is great as I feel I am seeing gains.

If your not seeing gains then your not pulling on it.

Originally Posted by SNM
If your not seeing gains then your not pulling on it.

I have to amend this one:

If you’re not seeing gains, you’re not pulling it in the right direction.

It clearly states in the lot theory thread that understanding the lot theory will save you a lot of wasted time and frustration. As someone who wasted time and got frustrated I will have to agree with this statement.
I also strongly urge all newbies to read the lot theory first. Pulling in the wrong direction will do nothing. however pulling in the proper direction will do wonders. Mom always did say I had to go learn everything the hard way.

Does it matter how often you stretch? I’ve read plenty of times, and through personal experience I believe jelqing should be done no more than once a day, with plenty of rest in between, but do we treat stretching the same? Can manual stretching be done at every available moment, for optimum gains. I’m probably not going to be hanging anytime soon, but want to optimize my stretch manually.

Of course that you can not do it at every available moment, you would get limp noodles from it. You need to reach point between too less which does not cause fatigue in ligs and too much which can cause an injury. Experiment, see, and feel. Stretching every day should be optimum, with some rest now and later.

I believe I have a low LOT maybe 6 or 7. Does this mean I should do manual stretches towards my belly button? Also secondly, should I jelq upwards as well? Thnx


Yes a low lot means you need to stretch at high angles toward the belly button/chin. But I wouldn’t totally dismiss stretching at low angles either. I don’t know about the jelqing maybe some one with more experience can step in their.

Also form what I understand form the LOT FAQ is you will have more to gain form stretching if you have a higher LOT verses a lower one, therefor if you have a lower lot you might might want to consider jelqing because you will not see that much of a gain with stretching alone. so if you are between a 6 and 7 I would jelq, besides it’s fun! I started with the wet jelq but the frigging Vaseline I was using made me so greasy that I switched to the dry jelq. I am Italian so oily skin is a no no. Good luck

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Jelqing is primarily a girth gain tho not for length. And hanging is only a temporary gain. So people low LOTs in “theory” are screwed. But LOT is probably a load of shit I hope

I have seen tremendous (time frame appropriate) length gains with just the newbie routine which

Includes the jelqs. I feel that, for me, jelq at less than 50% erection has helped length.

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