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Manual Stretching

Manual Stretching

When doing manual stretching are you suppose to grip your head or bellow it and pull?

Grip about half an inch to an inch behind your head. Paper towel usually helps with the grip, but I usually find my grip sliding towards my head, which is ok. You just don’t want to be pulling with all the force on your head.

The web part between your thumb and pointer finger should be applied to the top of your shaft, so that more pressure is applied to the sides of your penis than the top of your penis. You want to avoid applying too much pressure to the top part of your penis, as this is where an important nerve is. Some pressure is needed, but try not the make the top of your penis the focus of the pressure.

The most important part of PE is reading in dept and asking questions on anything you are unsure about.

Behind the head is fine.

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Originally Posted by TheGr8Leviathan
Behind the head is fine.

Grip it behind the head like a poisonous aggressive snake

Originally Posted by djrobins
Grip it behind the head like a poisonous aggressive snake

Ah, yes…the Crocodile Hunter method.

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