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Manual Stretching Tensions

Manual Stretching Tensions

How much tension do you use. I know I have less is more. And the more the better. I am fairly strong and I have been doing pe for a total of maybe 3 weeks been serious for a week and a half. I measured how much pressure I am using and it varies from 15-30lbs. It depends on the angle ect. What’s the best time and tension to make it grow. Any body ever measured or anything to check. Also that could be the reason some people grow from manual stretching better than others. Time and tension. I have good grip and muscle endurance so I can easily hold a 20 lb stretch for 1-2 min without even feeling anything. Now you apply that to 9-12 different directions would that not be close to a hanging session but manual work ect. I really don’t know just need to know if apply to much pressure is bad

I typically stretch straight out our down. I’ve been stretching for some time, so I consider myself conditioned. I pull with as much force as I can apply and hold the stretch for 2-3 minutes. Start much slower than what I’ve described and watch your PI’s and EQ.

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Goal:10.0bpX7.25mseg Building a thicker unit, click by click, pump by pump, jelq by jelq!

15-30 lbs is more than the average weight used in hanging by most of guys. Of course hanging sets are longer than stretching sets.

First times I pulled like a hell when stretching, probably around 50 lbs. Not growing a millimeter.

Ok am just stretching kinda following the newbie routine just don’t realize I am pulling that hard. I don’t stretch as hard as I can and I only stretch for 30 secs / direction


I posted this on another thread but I believe that easing into the stretch is the best way to feel what is going on. You really have to relax and make sure you are not tensing at all and then pull outward until you start to feel the stretch. Just like marinera I used to pull like crazy and really beat my penis up. I never saw any growth from that.

I’m at 8.5 bpfsl now and can do a fulcrum stretch with one hand. I grab just under my glans with all four fingers and thumb like holding a bat and then pull downward. While pulling downward I just bend my penis putting pressure on the pinky side of my palm by turning my hand slightly. I can feel both my ligs and my shaft being stretched in this position. When that hand gets tired I switch. You can used the fulcrum technique pulling straight up also.

If that doesn’t make sense I can tried to draw a diagram but it really seems to be working in conjunction with water pumping with hot water, light dry jelqs non erect, and wrapping to hold me at my full length. I leave the wrap on four hours after my session.

Don’t know what is making the biggest difference but here is my routine.

Thanks guys so much. I can tell I am stretching it the ligs and all. I use a hot rice sock and space heater. My bpfsl seems to have grown over a half inch. I have not measure get but will soon. I am measuring in one month increments. Jan 26 is my one month. 20 more days to get some work in. I just pull what’s comfortable to me. I don’t want it to be uncomfortable I will stop doing it. I will lighten up a little feel the streetch and try and feel it stretch. So you kinda do a down then up. Sounds cool. I have been doing similar things but left and right it seem to get a good stretch

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