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Manual Stretching routine

Manual Stretching routine

Hello, I’ve been manual stretching for awhile, and am at 5.5 erect length. I want to get up to around 7. My main question is how much stretching is to much? I have started doing 10 minutes in each direction with a 3 minute break in between each direction. Then I do around 10 minutes of dry jelqing.

1) How much stretching is to much? Also, can I stretch everyday?

2) Is 10 minutes of Jelqing enough, and is being around 90% erect dangerous and does it effect gains.

3) Are Holds effective, because I usually do around 6 sets of 20 second holds.


Personally I’d say reduce the amount of time you spend stretching (down to maybe 5 min each way) and increase your jelq time a bit. 90% jelqing will focus mainly on the girth of your cock and from your post it looks like you are mainly bothered about length. Try and jelq at a lower erection level and try wet jelqing if possible (I always preferred wet jelqing though).

However, as long as you stick to a routine, take plenty of rest days and be careful of injuring yourself then you will gain. 1 1/2 inches is possible and realistic, but will take time. Don’t stretch for 2 weeks look down and see no gains then give up. Give it a couple of months and it will bring results.

Good luck


While doing a stretch routine: Monitor your erections, at once it starts to get a bit dodgy, you have already overdone it. Someone likes long sessions not so often, others like a small dosage many days a week.

Personally I can’t seem to get used to the stretches, I always over do it some how.. Maybe my penis is just meant for jelqing. :)


GL, how long do you stretch for and what sort of grip do you use? How long does the ED last? If it’s just a couple of hours that is pretty normal, but if it is lasting for a couple of days then you might be doing something wrong that might be hurting your fella more than you think.


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