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Manual stretching question

Manual stretching question

Hey all, I’ve been manual stretching as part of the Newbie Routine that is recommended for newbies of course. Basically when doing manual stretches (especially the downward stretch) I feel a nice bit of tension at the base of the penis. Now I have read into how manual stretches pull and stretch the ligaments and the tunica but I’m unsure if the tension I’m feeling when stretching is a tension of the ligaments being pulled or if it’s simple the skin at the base tightening too much. If anyone has any insight to this I would appreciate it. Also I’m stretching with my foreskin over the glands as when I stretch with it pulled back I tend to end up with not only a bad grip but a sore glands. Cheers in advance, Dar.

Starting stats (17-01-2011) : 4 3/4" BPFL, 4 1/4" FG --- 6 7/10" BPEL, 4.75" EG

Current stats (30-05-2011) : 5 1/4" BPFL, 4 1/4" FG --- 7.5" BPEL, 4.9" EG

There’s a nice routine for manual stretches called “the helicopter.” It’s basically, though, pretending that you are going around the clock. Start at 1 o’clock, slightly to the side, then 2 and so on all around the face of the clock. Finish with some straight-out pulls and a couple at the 6 o’clock position.

This shouldn’t take you more than two minutes to complete. Manual stretches don’t require a lot of time.

Do the stretches such that you feel most comfortable where ever you have the foreskin. I’m cut but I’m sure guys who still have foreskins will chime in and give you some advice about that.



I’m uncut but I always pull my foreskin back. Really dude, you do not want to stretch your skin. You want all of the tension going straight through to your ligaments or pulling the inner tunica.

Just experiment to make sure you find the right grip. Perhaps it’s sore because you’re not gripping hard enough, try using baby powder so your hand doesn’t slip.

If I were you, I’d stretch once in all directions then finish off with the helicopter like avocet suggested.

Lovely I’ll be sure to incorporate the “helicopter” into my routine seems interesting and as for the baby powder I don’t think it’s a grip issue it’s more like I’m grabbing a good bit of foreskin and when I actually stretch my penis it stretches even more skin but I dunno if this is the case or if what I’m feeling is the pull on my ligaments.

All in all thanks a lot for the excellent advice much appreciated.

Starting stats (17-01-2011) : 4 3/4" BPFL, 4 1/4" FG --- 6 7/10" BPEL, 4.75" EG

Current stats (30-05-2011) : 5 1/4" BPFL, 4 1/4" FG --- 7.5" BPEL, 4.9" EG

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